Product Information

CNH Industrial is well aware of customers’ need for as much information as possible on the product they are about to purchase, and the Company makes such information available through a variety of channels: brand websites, call centers, the dealer network, and the owner and maintenance manual.

The dealer network plays a vital role in customer relations. Dealerships are, in fact, the main point of contact customers turn to when making a purchase, for scheduled maintenance, and for all service requests. The service network is consistently involved in training on safe and correct product use, encouraging good practice among customers (see also page 219).

In addition, brand websites offer customers specific tools to assess the environmental impact of products, by calculating, for example, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a road vehicle, or the carbon footprint of an agricultural fleet (see also page 207).


Each product sold comes with an owner and maintenance manual, through which CNH Industrial provides key product information to customers, and that is in every respect an integral part of the product itself. The manual provides extensive information on safe use and on behaviors to minimize environmental impact, such as the correct disposal of lubricating oils and additives, and efficient product use to reduce consumption and pollution.

The manual contains comprehensive information on:

  • product identification data 
  • product functions (start-up and operation) 
  • correct product maneuvering 
  • safe product use 
  • human-machine interactions (controls and devices) 
  • on-board equipment 
  • technical features 
  • checks and routine and scheduled maintenance 
  • product approval standards (emissions, noise, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.) 
  • instructions for biodiesel use, if applicable 
  • safe product transportation (for off-road equipment).

Owner and maintenance manuals are compiled as per the ISO3600 standard, and the safety and accident prevention information contained therein is presented in line with the ANSI Z535 standard. They are available in all the languages of the markets where the products are sold, in compliance with applicable local regulations.

All manuals and their contents also comply with EU directives specific to vehicle type, such as 2006/42 EC and 2010/53 EC. To improve usability and reduce paper usage (a combine harvester manual can reach 700 A4 pages), all manuals are available on the dedicated service network webpage on the Dealers Portal (see also page 218).

Repair shop manuals, which can reach up to 5,000 pages, are also available on DVD for the service network.


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